A hike, a stunning view and a Burger!


The beauty of living in Geneva is that it’s so close to escape to the mountains and the stunning countryside around the city. One of the closest escapes which you can do in a half day is to drive to the Jura.

St Cergues is a small village on the Swiss side of the Jura, around 40 minutes from Geneva. (take the autoroute around 20 minutes, direction Lausanne then take the exit near Nyon and follow the signs).

There are some lovely hiking and biking routes in the area in both winter and summer.

A highlight of the summer is the Midsummer’s Day Festival on 17 August, in particular the cow parade and the presentation of the “most beautiful cow”;

St Cergues; Midsummer Festival

On a morning, one of my favourite short hikes is to take the Beatrix hiking route which starts from the left side of the village. The hike is fairly easy and is great for the kids. You follow the narrow path which winds around the mountain through the forest. This is a short hike which takes around 30 – 40 minutes each way but you can extend this. At the top of the hill you will reach a clearing which has a fabulous view of the lake. On a sunny day, you can see right down the valley. There are also picnic benches here, ideal for a summer’s day picnic.Beatrix2








You have the option of continuing on the route or alternatively you can return back to the village for lunch and visit Rando Burger. This is always a good way to bribe the kids to go walking.

RandointRando Burger has a great selection of burgers which are locally sourced and is one of my favourite burger joints in and around Geneva. One of my favourite burgers is the Chihuahua Pearl with spicy chilli sauce, jalapeno’s and home made fries (menu around 20 CHF). The milkshakes are also highly recommended. They have an electronic system where you order and the appliance flashes when your burger is ready so no overly long queuing times and they can cook the burgers fresh. They also have delicious sweet mini burgers for dessert.

Rando Burger has a nice terrace so you can relax in the midday burger

If you visit remember to mention “Biskotti” for a smile with your service;

Rando Burger


Route d’Arzier 12

1264 St-Cergue

Vaud, Suisse



+41 22 360 03 03



About the Author

Originally from the UK, I have a legal background. I have been in the Geneva area since 2005 and love the mountains, the lake and the quality of life here. The Winter snow sports are fantastic and the Summer season is full of festivals, outdoor sports, picnics and barbecues. I have met some great people here from all of the world. Geneva is a cosmopolitan city with lots of cultural events and good restaurants and bars and I hope that through Biskotti I can share a few hidden places I have discovered…