A Quick Lunch at… Mikado !


MikadoMost days for lunch we want something tasty, quick and convenient, whilst remaining as healthy as possible. Mikado is a small chain of Japanese fast food outlets, with four different locations across the city. As I spend most of my days near the Eaux Vives area of town, I decided to share with you my experiences of the Rue de la Terrassière restaurant…

This Mikado shop is really well located on the main 12 tram line running through the centre of town. It is close to many large businesses and shopping areas, making it a great place to stop for a quick bite to eat. There is a very nice outdoor terrace area, seating around 20 people, which gets the sunshine at lunch time– just what is needed to recharge the batteries before a busy afternoon! Each time I have visited for lunch when the weather has been nice, the terrace has been almost full, so I have had to sit inside. Here, there are long bench-like tables, which, if you don’t mind sitting close to people you don’t know, are ok for casual lunches with friends or colleagues.

The food at Mikado, I have found, is really fresh and delicious compared to some of the other Japanese fast food restaurants in the city. They also have a very extensive range of both hot and cold dishes to suit most tastes. Depending on my mood and level of hunger, I often choose a teriyaki dish with either chicken or salmon, vegetables and a side of steamed rice. For just CHF 10, this very substantial Japanese meal is a great option for lunch! The sushi here is also really tasty and competitively priced and should you wish for an accompaniment, there are numerous cold side salad options. (If they have it that day, I would recommend the cold poached salmon salad, which is delicious and costs only CHF 3.80!)

All in all, I find Mikado an excellent spot for a convenient, well-priced lunch. The food tastes great without leaving you feeling guilty from over indulgence! Although you still feel as though you are dining in a fast food outlet, Mikado offers a good balance of, healthiness, value for money and taste. If you find yourself outside one of the four locations, I recommend that you see for yourself…



Rue de l’Ancien-Port 9



Rue de la Terrassière 23



Rue de Carouge 5,



Place de-Grenus 10


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