Le Pain Quotidien – Sunday Brunch


If you’re after an easy brunch this Sunday you can’t go far wrong with Le Pain Quotidien. This international chain of bakeries was founded in 1990 by Alain Coumont who, as a young chef, was dissatisfied with the quality of bread available in Brussels so decided to take charge and recreate the bread his grandmother used to bake when he was a small child.

RE_11170_4e4a3c38c2093_bigTranslated as, ‘The Daily Bread,’ Le Pain Quotidien has continued the tradition of its humble beginnings, with all breads and pastries being made fresh every day. Ingredients of the highest quality are used and organic ingredients are sourced wherever possible, helping to build lasting partnerships with farmers who are dedicated to organic farming. The bread is made by artisan bakers who knead and shape it by hand using the basic ingredients of organic stone-ground flour, salt and water and then baking the bread in a hearth.

As you walk into Le Pain Quotidien you are welcomed by a mouth-watering range of delectable pastries piled up in attractive glass cases, finely crafted every day in the pâtisserie.  Selections of breads are available including walnut, rye, wheat, spelt and baguettes. These can be accompanied by a choice of cheeses, ham, smoked salmon and more. A scrumptious array of spreads are available to enjoy with your bread such as  white chocolate, dark chocolate, praline and noisella and a variety of jams. You can also order eggs for brunch or for a more refreshing choice fruit salad, granola and yoghurt are also on offer. On a cold morning porridge with fresh fruit might be your food of choice.

imagesThere is a wide selection of drinks available – both hot and cold with hot beverages served in bowls, maintaining an authentic feel to your brunch. There are salads, tartines and set brunch menus alongside quiche, soup, chicken and potato gratin dishes to satisfy your palette.

Although Le Pain Quotidien currently operates in more than 185 bakery-café locations in 17 different countries worldwide, the cafés themselves have very pleasant surroundings. Following the organic theme the restaurants are environmentally friendly using reclaimed wood and recycled Gypsum in the construction of the restaurants, with energy efficient lamps for lighting. There are large communal tables where you can gather as a large group or sit with a mix of different people – smaller tables are also available. Having experienced the Helvétique bakery this design works well –  there are two other bakery-cafés in Geneva on George Favon and Ave. Alfred Betrand.

455d3565-44f8-427c-a7e2-914576553a4a_hOnce you have finished your brunch the experience doesn’t need to end there as you can buy a selection of products such as the different jams and chocolate spreads, coffee and granola that are served to you in the bakery.

So enjoy a relaxing brunch this Sunday!

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