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Breakfast meetings are all the rage from London to Mexico City, a more sociable and efficient way to start the day and get things done before getting to the office. In London its almost impossible to get a breakfast table at the best cafes and restaurants in Mayfair and the City such as Cecchoni’s, or the Wolseley. However breakfast meetings are yet to truly become popular in Geneva.

FullenglishA client organised a breakfast meeting at 8.30 at the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues, arguably the best hotel in town.

The welcome at the hotel was a little indifferent, and we were greeted with; “breakfast is only for guests”. Not a great start.

After a lengthy discussion and after having pointed out that there were a number of vacant tables, they relented.

Preferring an a la carte option rather than the buffet, we ordered cheese omelettes, fruit salad, fresh orange juice with carrot juice (a “special”), cappuchinos and toast. The breakfast is served in the dining room (where they also serve lunch and the bar area). The ambiance is refined and traditional. So how was the food?

The omelettes were served oddly with cheese on a side plate rather than melted in the middle (it would have been nice to have been given the choice). They were also served with a sprig of parsley rather than basil or something with more flavour. The cappuchino was rather milky and weak. The orange juice with carrot bland. They forgot the toast. When I reminded them they brought the toast without butter.

I asked for the cheque. Around 60 CHF per person. Maybe breakfast meetings weren’t such a good idea after all…



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