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Burger Bonanza!


Sometimes it can be a struggle to find a variety of restaurants in Geneva that specialise in cuisines other than French and Italian. You might find the occasional ‘go to’ restaurant for a particular type of food but essentially everybody wants choice. Well hold your horses, (no, we’re not suggesting horse meat is the solution) if you’re looking for a images burgergood burger in Geneva this is one type of food where you’re spoilt for choice.

Back in September (What’s Hot article, September 16, 2012) Biskotti disclosed the burger frenzy taking over Geneva. There is now an abundance of burger joints offering a range of experiences; from sit down restaurants, to fast food eateries to mobile food trucks – you can have a different dining experience every day of the week!

We asked around town for the most popular spot to have a burger and here’s our pick of the bunch:

1. Inglewood

We’ll kick off with Inglewood. One of the new kids on the block, the Inglewood restaurants are always packed out. Their range of burgers are served on toasted poppy seed buns with prices ranging from 15-20CHF. All produce is fresh, 80% of which is sourced from Geneva itself. With a casual atmosphere it’s a comfortable spot to dine in but word on the street is their burgers are also a favoured take out for a lunch time treat.

Anthony, 29 said; ‘This is my favourite place in town – the burgers are great!’

Reservations are strongly recommended and only available for evening sittings.

44 blvd du Pont d’Arve, Geneva 1205

17 rue Montchoisy, Geneva 1207

2. Pauly’s Steakhouse

Pauly’s is also fairly new on the scene, its doors opened to the public last Autumn. Set in a beautiful paulybuilding with incredible arched windows, the restaurant has a fairly slick interior with impressive bar to match – a fun element is the red squeezy bottles displayed in an arty fashion alongside the more serious bottles of booze.  Black and white pictures of the classic 70’s America adorn the walls giving an old school element to the place. The menus offer a tasty range of burgers, steaks, hot dogs and milkshakes, all served with that all important ingredient of ‘love.’ They do take out orders but we have a feeling you might want to soak up the atmosphere and eat in.

2 Rue du Nant, Geneva, 1207

3. Holy Cow

If you’re after fast food with the emphasis being on the ‘fast’ Holy Cow is the spot for you. Once ordered, your food is freshly prepared in super quick time and before you know it you’re on your way. However, the vast menu might slow you down with plenty of options for beef, chicken and veggie burgers and limited edition burgers thrown in for good measure. All meat is sourced in Suisse Romande. Burgers range from 10-24 CHF with set meals as well.

Jenny 27, said: ‘What I like about Holy Cow is the speed of the food and the amount of choice available on the menu.’

Various locations in Geneva and Lausanne

4. The Hamburger Foundation

The Hamburger Foundation or THF has a bit of a novelty factor to it. Recently a group of us took a road truck THFtrip through the mean streets of Geneva to track down THF food truck. Serving from 11:30-14:00 the van location changes every day so you have to check the website for its whereabouts. On this particular day we found ourselves in a carpark on 56 rue des Noirettes. Similar to the surroundings the menu isn’t fancy but short and simple with a bacon cheese burger costing 14CHF. The burgers are compact but on the flipside (no pun intended) this is pretty handy for eating, considering the alfresco environment. A selection of toppings are automatically included and remember; ‘If you don’t want something say something.’ All produce is Swiss and cooked from fresh. There’s a short wait for food but we were happily entertained by the American classics emanating from the van ranging from Snoop Dogg to the Beach Boys. Seating is available but most people seemed to take food away.

John, an American, 34 said; ‘It’s a good burger, not overcooked but quite rare beef – that’s how I like it.’

5. Roadrunner

The longest running burger joint of our review is Road Runner. Established 40 years ago, Road Runner has stood the test of time as a reliable destination to get a decent burger. Served in diner style baskets, burgers range from 6:60 CHF for a mini burger to 18 CHF for a double Mexicoburger. Meat is of Swiss origin and although the location is slightly off the beaten track it’s worth the trip down memory lane.

Dominic, 40 said ‘I’ve lived here for 10 years now and I always enjoy the comfort of a Road Runner burger.’

Other suggestions for a good burger include; Demi-Lune, Funky Monkey Room and Huggys Burger.

What’s your favourite burger joint in Geneva? Let us know at

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