Explore the “Universe of Particles” and “Microcosm” Exhibitions at CERN

If you like physics and the mysteries of the Universe, CERN offers the public the opportunity to explore two permanent exhibitions:

Universe of Particles is the new exhibition installed in the Globe of Science and Innovation at CERN.

The Globe is 27 metres high and 40 metres in diameter, it’s about the size of the dome of Saint Peter’s in Rome! A unique visual landmark by day and by night, the Globe of Science and Innovation is a symbol of Planet Earth.

Universe of Particles exhibition is dedicated to CERN main missions and it allows the visitor to explore the world of particles in a unique and spectacular ambiance.

The entire Universe is made up of particles. But where do they come from? What laws govern their behaviour? The purpose of the Universe of particles exhibition is for visitors to confront these great questions.

The exhibition’s innovative design shows us the fascinating world of particles, from the infinitesimally large to the infinitesimally small, from the Big Bang to the present day. The astonishing environment was created to force visitors to abandon conventional ideas and contemplate a field of research beyond their common experience.

The second permanent exhibition called Microcosm offers visitors an understanding to the secrets of matter. People will explore the mysteries of the Universe, discover accelerators and detectors, phenomena like cosmic rays, antiprotons, quarks and gluons.

In the Microcosm space are also available animations for children; Fun with Physics.

Children will learn how strawberry ice cream made with liquid nitrogen tastes, or find out how a television works, and more. Science often turns up where you least expect it!

The workshops have been designed especially for children under 14, but anyone can join in to learn about physics and have fun at the same time.

Workshops are every Saturday at 3.00 pm, without reservation. Nevertheless, it is recommended to check availability the day before the workshop starts at: +41 22 7677676

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