Fenomeno Bar, Pâquis


If you think about it, not that many bars in Geneva offer a range of entertainment options and atmospheres. Actually, a large number of bars provide no extra entertainment other than a social setting for a drink and civilized chat over background music. Which is totally fine of course. But it is also pleasant when just a little more is offered. Max and Adrien, owners of the Fenomeno Bar, have certainly found a way to satisfy all their customers. Over the years they have succeeded in creating a venue that has something for everyone, hence developing a loyal customer base.

Located just off place de la navigation in Pâquis, towards Palais Wilson, the Fenomeno first comes across as a casual, trendy and welcoming lounge bar ideal for after work drinks. Which it is – and so much more. As well as being a great after work venue with its extensive cocktail/drinks list and tasty Thai tapas (or cheese and meat platter if you prefer) – the Fenomeno is also a nice location for a casual lunch or dinner, with food choices varying from a range of Thai dishes (Pad Thai, currys, noodles etc.) to juicy burgers and fries.

But that does not even begin to sum up the Fenomeno – not the easiest to put in a nutshell. In fact, the description that the Fenomeno came up with to label itself, illustrates quite articulately the range of atmospheres the venue offers: “Bar Lounge Musique Dance & Restauration” (in French). In addition to the aforementioned food and drink options, the bar hosts live music acts, football screenings, buffet nights (generally Wednesdays), ladies’ night (Thursdays) and even the occasional evening exhibition/pop-up shop, such as local hand-made jewelry at unbeatable prices.

Later in the evening on weekends (after 10pm and until 2am), if you have just finished dinner in one of the many restaurants in Pâquis and are in the mood for drinks and dancing before nightclub hours, the Fenomeno is the perfect pick. On a good night, the adjoining open room turns into a dance floor and the whole bar’s buzzing atmosphere tunes into the music played by the best DJs in the region (funk, r’n’b, dancehall, old school etc.). You can keep to your seats and enjoy watching the pockets of people dancing throughout the bar, or migrate to the adjoining room and hit the official dance floor. Honestly, in how many bars across town can you drop a few moves when you feel the urge, without turning heads?

I will not even get started on the many services the bar offers; group bookings, birthday parties, corporate parties, food take-away…as well as the very appealing fact that the bar has a large sheltered terrace (approx. 35 pax) which has proven very popular from spring through to automn.

Why not try out the Fenomeno Bar! And if you are amongst the first 25 customers to go up to the bar, ask for Max or Adrien, and show this article on your smartphone (or even a print-out) – you may very well be greeted with a free welcome drink!

Price range:
Cocktails/long drinks: from 15.- to 20.-
Wine (red/white): from 4.- to 7.-
Thai food (tapas/main): from 8.- to 24.-
Burgers: from 14.-
Platter (meat&cheese): 18.-

Visit the Fenomeno Bar website or facebook page for more information on the weekly events.

Rue des Pâquis 28
1201 Geneva
Tel: +4122 732 32 02
Opening hours
Tue-Fri: 11.30 – 2pm / 5pm – 2am
Sat: 6pm – 2am
Closed Sunday/Monday

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