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Gangnam style and the latest craze…

I was in a bar in Geneva last week when suddenly, what should come on to the sound system? “Gangnam style”, the Kpop sensation that has recently been sweeping the globe. Composed solely by Korean pop artist PSY from lyrics to choreography (based on riding a horse) Gangnam style has had over 715,309,389 hits on YouTube in the last 4 months. When the song came on everyone in the bar stopped talking and starting singing along, some people even knew the dance! This got me thinking, what other unlikely internet fads have made their way into Geneva.

You may have read the earlier Biskotti article featuring Larry the photo-bombing swan? Photo-bombing animals are everywhere. 

Ever heard of planking? Well its newer cousin has arrived, and is called the “mo bot”. The “mo bot” is based on Mo Farah’s dance at the Olympics and involves putting your hands over your head to create an “M” and posing in from of a notable landmark, like the Jet d’Eau. 

Another fun internet craze involving the Jet d’Eau is the deceptive photo, to do this one, stand in the foreground with the water in the background so that in the eye of the camera it’ll looks like you are pushing it. This would work especially well if it was windy. There have been many different examples of this world wide, from the leaning tower of Pisa to the Eiffel tower, to the Pyramids. 

Not into photographic crazes? You may have seen the new craze; Ragestashes. These are funny stick figure comics about every day life;

or even Smartphoneed, funny auto correct mistakes caused by “smart” phones. Done something stupid lately, don’t let it go to waste. FML’s are a worldwide craze that allow people to share their funnier moments.

Here is an example from Geneva;

“Today, trying to look cool, I threw my coke bottle in the air, and tried to catch it with one hand I missed and it fell to the floor. Luckily, it wasn’t open, but in my unimaginable stupidity, I opened it less than five seconds later. FML

Need your fix of what’s hot on the Internet? Check out the daily viral, for your update on what craze is coming your way.

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