Dessert as large as the Saleve...

Losing My Identity: Zn Restaurant; Plainpalais

Dessert as large as the Salève…

I have an aversion to restaurants that try to specialise in too many cuisines. So, when I saw an Asian restaurant that specialises in Indian and Thai food, I was sceptical. My wife suggested we give it a try, though.  I resisted once but, as ever, succumbed a short time thereafter. “It’s walking distance and looks nice,” she said.

So here we are, in central Geneva, in Zn; I am English, my wife is Mexican, and we’re in an Asian restaurant specialising in two cuisines. I order an Indian beer that is served in a Japanese Kirin-branded beer glass, and my wife has a virgin Cuban Mojito. Still following? I am confused and lost between several continents.

The décor is nice. Minimalist and modern with magenta orchids to give it a hint of Thailand. There is a pretty outdoor terrace, hidden away, in the better part of Plainpalais. The chairs look good, but aren’t super comfortable – luckily the warm and friendly service makes up for that, though. I go Indian whilst my wife goes Thai. I try the Spicy Chicken Samosas with sweet chilli sauce, and they’re nice and crispy with a tang. There is a large salad on the side that is a little incongruous, but it’s ok. My wife has the dumplings, and they were fine.

For my main course I take the Chicken Rogan Josh; one of my favourite Indian dishes, I must admit, but this one is a little bland. It’s accompanied by basmati rice, perfectly cooked, and a folded tortilla (rather than a poppadum) that isn’t too crispy, and only adds to my Continental confusion. My wife has the Red Chicken curry, and it is superb (only bettered by Pattaya restaurant in the Beau Rivage).

For dessert we indulge in a coconut ice cream, fruit salad and orange and lemon sorbet served in a vase the size of the Salève! It is tasty and nicely put together, but you definitely need a partner to share it with. The bill arrives. Very reasonable. Now I feel Zen…

Our verdict on Zn: 4/5 – will return

022.321.71.03 Rue Conseil-Général 5 
1205 Genève, Geneva, Suisse

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