Battle of the Bogside, Northern Ireland, August 1969

New exhibitions at the Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne

Gilles Caron, The Conflict Within30.01.2013-12.05.2013

Visual memory of an era, Gilles Caron (1939-1970) has chronicled the greatest contemporary conflicts through his images, a commitment that eventually cost him his life while on assignment in Cambodia.

His heroic vision of war photography soon turned into a reflection on the purpose of his job: can the role of witness, mere spectator, be satisfying? He is one of the first photographers to suffer symptoms from this inner moral conflict, and one of the first to practice a form of introspective disenchantment that led the reporter to gradually turn his camera on himself, to become the object of the photographic narrative.

PragueIn the early stages of his career, during the Six-Day War and
 in Vietnam, he chose to focus on inactive figures, soldiers or prisoners absorbed in their thoughts, writing or meditating. During the Biafra War, Caron seemed particularly compassionate for the condition of children and other victims. In May ’68 
and in Northern Ireland, he was mainly interested in emblematic actors – demonstrators throwing stones or Molotov cocktails – as incarnations of urban guerilla. His inventiveness was never more visible than in his reports on street fighting, where, through his lens, demonstrations seemed transformed into choreographies.

The Conflict Within of Caron is also one of an entire generation: what is the purpose of his action? Furthermore, do his images provide a valid testimony of the truths they aim to unveil? For Caron, the war is in front of the camera as well as within himself.

The exhibition presented at the Musée
 de l’Elysée is his first major retrospective. Compounding 150 prints and archival documents from the Foundation Gilles Caron, the collection of the Musée de l’Elysée and private collections, the exhibition is an opportunity to rediscover in six parts one 
of the major photojournalists of the 20th century through an original approach.

Nothin’ but Working
 Phill Niblock, a Retrospective – 30.01.2013-12.05.2013

Phill Niblock has produced, for over more than fifty years, a multidisciplinary work. His “Intermedia Art” features a combination of minimalist music, conceptual art, structural cinema, systematic 
or even Circuit_Duke Ellington © Phill Niblockpolitical art, and strives to transform our perception and experience of time.

Admittedly one of the greatest experimental composers of our time, Phill Niblock initiates his career as a photographer and film director. In 1968, the artist started experimenting a combination of his visual productions with his musical sets in order to create architectural and environmental compositions.

Recreated by the artist for the first time since its last presentation in 1972 for the purpose of this exhibition, the Environments series extracts the reality of different surroundings through images, all the while generating a full and intense temporary environment of projected images, music and movements throughout the museum space.

This exhibition is presented simultaneously at the Musée de l’Elysée and Contemporary Art Centre Circuit, in Lausanne.

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