O Calme Sunday


If you fancy a spot of brunch this Sunday and want to escape central Geneva why not head out to O 253069_152266314919904_782103972_nCalme in Carouge? This cozy little place on Rue Ancienne is quite deceiving when you first walk in. There is a small terrace of seating outside the main entrance and the mind wonders if this is the extent of the place. However, once you are guided through to the back of the café a wonderful area of seating is revealed, brimming with people all eagerly awaiting their Sunday treats.

An array of tables all shapes and sizes are available to cater for varying numbers of customers with comfortable seating. There are bookshelves crammed with books, the walls are adorned with modern artwork and the ceiling is dressed with wooden beams, all very inviting if the weather is cold outside.58841_152262371586965_673277068_n

For warmer days there is a beautiful walled garden at the back of the building with ample seating, set on two levels. Plentiful green foliage and trees provide natural shade and a peaceful environment to enjoy a lazy brunch.

There is a variety of choice on the menu with a special brunch menu available on a weekend. You can choose a set menu with a variety of foods or you can select individual items if you prefer. Meats, breads, cheese, salads, eggs, pancakes and much more are available – there is something for everyone. The cakes are exceptionally good and are often on display as you walk in the door and through the kitchen, tantalising your senses as you are taken to your seats.36586_152268438253025_1317127238_n

Once finished, why not work off your brunch and take a stroll around Carouge itself. The architecture is stunning and quite different to that in the centre of town. With pretty coloured buildings there are lovely little squares, churches and fountains dotted throughout the area all adding to the charm of the place, a very pleasant way to spend your Sunday afternoon.

O calme does get very busy on a Sunday so best to arrive early or late…



36 Rue Ancienne, 1227, Carouge

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