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Parking Hell!

The Geneva authorities have always encouraged the use of public transport in Geneva with the efficient TPG integrated system of trams, buses and boats.

One way systems, narrow roads and restrictions have discouraged the use of cars in the centre. Now, more than ever with the CEVA and other building works, it is more difficult than ever to find parking spaces. Even with a yearly Macaron, it doesn’t give you the right to a car parking space, just the right to use available spaces. In Paquis and Eaux Vives after 6pm and in areas like Champel (where CEVA works are underway), you can spend hours driving round looking for a space, (and I have!).


In Paquis, its advisable to either park in Cornavin and walk/take the tram down Rue de Lausanne or park at the Kempinski Hotel parking. Occasionally there is parking on Rue de Paquis near Migros/Co-Op or up near Rue de Prieure and Rue Rothschild. Otherwise you can drive round for some time!

Parking on a yellow line or illegally can be expensive, over 120 CHF. Actually if you arrive at night you are best to park off the road (provided you don’t obstruct the pavement and prevent people walking by).


In Champel, it is best to park on Boulevard Helvetic and walk – there is usually some parking near Parc Bertrand but its not easy!no parking

Centre and Eaux Vives

In Town, its best to park in either Mont Blanc and Rive and walk from there. Similarly if going to Eaux Vives, at night its often best to park at Rive and walk.

Sometimes its just best to leave the car at home; walk, take the tram or the bike and relax!

Possible Solution?

A Swiss German Company has developed a technological solution that may just help with parking pressure. With an Automated Parking concept, you can park your car in a garage and this is stacked automatically using a conveyor belt system. The system is secure, efficient and reduces pollution and time (you do not have to drive round a car park in low gear looking for space). Importantly, it means that capacity can be increased by 300% for the same footprint of car park. If you are interested in knowing more about the concept, email us at



About the Author

Originally from the UK, I have a legal background. I have been in the Geneva area since 2005 and love the mountains, the lake and the quality of life here. The Winter snow sports are fantastic and the Summer season is full of festivals, outdoor sports, picnics and barbecues. I have met some great people here from all of the world. Geneva is a cosmopolitan city with lots of cultural events and good restaurants and bars and I hope that through Biskotti I can share a few hidden places I have discovered…