Free concerts all summer in Parc de la Grange

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Contrary to popular belief, not everything has a price in Geneva. Yes, it is still possible to be entertained for free – and even by the same high quality standards as with a paid ticket or entry fee. And the setting is beautiful, in Parc de la Grange in Eaux-Vives, not far from Baby Plage, hidden away in a clearing surrounded by trees.



Geneva Out & About: Week of December 10, 2012

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There is something everyday this week! Party on Monday and Wednesday, go shopping on Thursday or Sunday. Enjoy some Colombian music or an Opera and take your children to the English Library. Human Rights Night Party: Who said one could not party on a Monday night? To celebrate Human Rights Day, go to Uptown. DJs such as Juliano Lopez and Luluxpo will be there. All profits are going to 6 NGOs. CHF 15.  Free if you have a wristband from the campaign. See the facebook event for more details December 10. From 8pm Activities in Les Grottes: One our favorite neighbourhoods in Geneva – which looks like a small village inside the town –  has a lot going on this week. Special shopping night on December 13, until 10pm on rue de la Sibérie, Rue des Grottes and rue de la Faucille.  Christmas tea will be offered. On December 14, don’t  miss the concerts organized by Pré-en-Bulle from 6pm on place des Grottes. Soup and music to support Collectif 500, to save Les Grottes from being demolished. Speakeasy de l’Escalade : What will happen on December 12, 2012 at 12 :12pm ?  We’ll see, but the evening looks promising! Gypsy Sound System is an amazing […]


Basile et Bertrand

Geneva Out & About: Week of August 27, 2012

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Like every year at this time, I hear a lot of people complain that summer is over and that there’s nothing left to do in Geneva. Although I agree it’s a pity that a lot of fun events are spread over 8 weeks only, I can say for certain that there is still a lot going on in town! Just take a look at my selection for this week: whether you want to take a trip to the theatre, go to a music festival or rollerblade, the list is long! Participatory Theatre: Have you ever dreamt of being an actor? I know I have! Well, this is your chance! “Basile et Bertrand jouent au PAV” is a great concept. PAV stands for “Praille-Acacias-Vernets”: there is a huge project to turn this industrial area into a real neighborhood by improving housing and mobility. The city is also building new playgrounds and parks to make it more pleasant for living and hanging out. The artistic community of Geneva definitely wants to be part of this transformation! Basile and Bertrand are shooting a movie to show how they see the PAV. The idea is to include people in their movie who actually live […]