Free concerts all summer in Parc de la Grange

April 01, 2014 / by / 0 Comment

Contrary to popular belief, not everything has a price in Geneva. Yes, it is still possible to be entertained for free – and even by the same high quality standards as with a paid ticket or entry fee. And the setting is beautiful, in Parc de la Grange in Eaux-Vives, not far from Baby Plage, hidden away in a clearing surrounded by trees.



Real Brunch

January 27, 2013 / by / 0 Comment

When I tell you that some of the best things in Geneva are hidden… Here is a typical example; Do you know Le Brunch Club ? If you are desperate for a real brunch, or even better a real English breakfast, you should definitely check it out. Every Sunday, Juliette and her team put together traditional Sunday brunch dishes at the cosy Café du Clos. Like me – and you probably – after living abroad, Juliette had been trying all kind of Sunday brunch places in Geneva for a while when she realized even though some places are pretty good, there was always something missing. It was not exactly like in London or in the US and I’m sure you’ll agree to that. Or it’s utterly expensive. So because if you want something done, sometimes it’s better to do it yourself, Juliette came up with this great concept. The idea is to make brunch in different places that are usually not open on Sundays and that people don’t necessarily know. She started in December last year and so far she has settled in Café du Clos. But who knows where she will take us next! In any case, Café du Clos […]



Burgers, Anyone?

September 16, 2012 / by / 0 Comment

Is it just me, or is Geneva having a burger frenzy? Every month there seems to be a new burger place opening! First we had Roadrunner, then Holy Cow, then the mobile Hamburger Foundation and now Pauly’s opened last week in Eaux-Vives. Pauly’s is on rue de la Mairie, 10 and offers an American diner experience with Burgers, steaks and milkshakes. I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to checking it out! Personally, I quite like the Burgers in Demi-Lune – simple, but tasty. We’ll soon be doing a review of our top burgers around town. What’s your favourite burger place in Geneva? Let us know at whatshot@biskotti.ch