bains des pâquis

A Perfect Day in Pâquis

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What better way to start the day than by having breakfast at Bains des Pâquis?

Bain de Paquis is Geneva’s own beach bar/cafe. It is accessed via a walkway from Quai du Mont-Blanc 30. Early morning is my favourite time here as you can get a stunning view of the lake and Jet d’eau at sunrise and it is less crowded than the afternoon.



Geneva Out & About: week of February 18, 2013

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Winter skies: If you like astronomy here is a good opportunity to find out more. The History of Science Museum is a lovely building in a stunning position in Perle du Lac and is well worth a visit. Learn about old marine instruments, attend a conference about the constellations, and watch the winter skies with specialists (weather permitting). History of Science Museum, Parc de la Perle du Lac, Rue de Lausanne 128. February 20. 6:30pm Café des Voyageurs : Testimonies on 6 years of family  bike holidays in Europe, let’s see what great stories the Dellenne family has to tell ! Whether you want information on the logistics, the organization, and daily life for a family on bikes, it looks interesting.  With Pro Vélo association. La Galerie. Rue de l’Industrie 13. Les Grottes. February 21. 6 :30pm. Traverses Musicales : If you’ve never been to the Maison de Quartier in Pâquis you should definitely go this weekend. Reggae concerts on Friday night and Electro pop on Saturday. Maisons de Quartier are the places where you should go for inexpensive hobbies, classes and if you want to feel part of your neighborhood community. They are subsidied by the city and they offer a great range of […]



Time to Relax; Thermal Baths!

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Thermal Baths are very popular in Switzerland, whether you go after a sporty day in the mountain or prefer to spend the whole day relaxing there…it is really up to you!