TPG Changes (again!)

You might already be aware of this, as you should have received a new TPG map in your mailbox and there has been quite a campaign about it, but we thought it was important to let you know or remind you that the public transportation system is changing slightly from December 9 onwards.

If you were in Geneva last year at this time, you may remember that they did change a lot of lines and there were quite a few hiccups that led to complaints. Snow arrived at about the same time and it did not help. I am a strong supporter of the Swiss public transport system, but I have to admit I was a bit surprised by how everything went. Things should go more smoothly this year, as the changes are not as important.

In any case, in order to adjust to people’s needs the TPG are adding more frequency to the 12 tram line (the love tram!) and to line 15; the tram 18 that used to go to Cern is back. Number 14 will only go to Bernex and Meyrin Gravière and no longer to Cern. A new bus line (25) will go from the Botanical Gardens to Thonex. Bus 5 will go to the hospital again, like in the old days. Bus 1 does not go to Rive anymore and both ways will have the same stops, which be more simple. Bus 19 will have a regular bus schedule until midnight. A lot of stops are changing names. And there are some regional changes as well.

For all the updates, details and a map, check out the TPG website. Unfortunately the English version of the website does not seem to be working yet but it’s pretty straightforward even if you don’t speak French. They also have a really good iPhone and Android application. You can get your personal schedule, your itinerary and the latest updates on the traffic.

Another change that took place this year is the new machines. It seems that it’s not so obvious how things work… The old machines don’t give change back but you can keep your ticket and get reimbursed in one of the agencies (if you find the time!). The other option with the older machines is to buy a cartabonus (a card where you have credit to use to buy your ticket, so that you don’t need to carry change). But the new machines (which do give change, yay!) do not accept the cartabonus yet…

Hopefully if you are a frequent user you have a monthly or year subscription, it seems that it’s less of a headache!

If you need more information both agencies -in Rive and Cornavin – actually have a nice booklet that explains everything, and, good news, it’s both in French and in English.

I personally thing we are lucky that the Swiss Public transport system in general is a really good one. What do you think? What’s your experience? How long is your commute? Check out our article from last week about how to make your commute more pleasant! Share your stories, email us at



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