Wave – Photographic series

This exhibition presents works by Rodrigo Albert, Valérie Belin, Ossian Claudel, Philippe Gubler, Paola Junqueira & Fernanda Vargas, Iseut Labote, William Lins, Gabriela Maciel, Mila Mayer, Maria-Carmen Perlingeiro, MR, Catherine and Eric Rebois Rousselle.

Open at Gallery Espace_L until February 8, 2013.
Monday – Friday from 11 to 17h, or by appointment.
Address : Route des Jeunes 43, Allée G CH – 1227 Genève / Acacias 6826375

Since it was invented in the nineteenth century, photography has constantly revealed its multiple features. This exhibition focuses mainly in one of its characteristics: “duplicability”.

Like engraving, photography is reproducible, multipliable, and spreads out. In accordance with the democratic aspirations of a society, photography is increasingly used in a wide variety of medium.

Currently, we are surrounded by photographic images. Like a wave in continuous motion that reaches its top, falls and restarts its flow, photography builds and rebuilds its own pace, according to its course, especially so called Art.

As the French photographer Gisèle Freund points out in her book Photographie et societé: “photography produces its own laws and is not dependent on opinions of art 2297059critics; its laws are the only valid criteria of its value in the future”.

Aware of this, as well as taking into consideration the volume of images that surround our everyday life, this exhibition focuses on the tension that can exist between the concepts of volume, group and individuality.

Indirectly linked to another concept in photography – the work in series – this exhibition highlights the uninterrupted flow created by this medium, and takes into account the singularity of each artist represented in this exhibition.

About Espace_L – contemporary art gallery:

Espace L opened its doors in 2011, designed to be a local point of reference for contemporary art.

Its objective is to foster interaction between a number of different fields, presenting internationally renowned artists along with photographic workshops and a reading environment for the arts.

Visitors have the opportunity to experiment an underground art that reflects the peculiarity of its location in the meatpacking district of Geneva.

About the Author
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I am originally from Bucharest, Romania and some of the things I enjoy are life, Art and Geneva. I arrived in Geneva almost a decade ago and after all these years, I am still very much in love with its size, its sunsets, the lake, its diversity and mix of cultures. I am passionate about Art because it allows me the freedom to imagine anything I want, there are no restrictions or mistakes. It’s a world where everything is possible. And I enjoy life because all those small things make me happy! I am in charge of the Art &Culture section and with my articles, I’ll try to show Biskotti readers Geneva’s cultural side through my eyes. Stay tuned!