Bains de Pâquis for sunrise concerts

Geneva Out & About: Week of August 13, 2012

Aubes Musicales: Music at Dawn

Not a morning person? Me neither! But I can guarantee that you won’t regret the early start when you visit Bains des Pâquis at sunrise for some live music! Concerts take place daily at 6am, until September 2, and vary in genre.

Still not convinced? Neither was I! I really like my sleep and would not be considered a morning person.

Bains de Pâquis for sunrise concerts

My friend was so insistent, however, that she literally had to drag me (and bribe me with croissants and coffee!) before I would attend.

Let’s just say that I am forever grateful to my friend because Aubes Musicales is genuinely a fantastic way to start your day!  The views of the lake and the mountains at dawn are amazing; especially because the changing light in the sky is so beautiful. You can either go just for the music, or you can enjoy it while also going for a morning swim. Watching the town wake up is a unique experience, and you will be filled with positive energy for the rest of the day! The light is different everyday, so it really is Geneva like you’ve never seen it before.

There are bands of every genre, so make sure you check out the program since some bands are more experimental, music-wise, than others. There are generally around 100 hardy souls in attendance, and, with coffee free of charge during the concert, everyone is happy to be there. If coffee isn’t enough to get you going in the morning, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast for CHF10. Go ahead – give it try! You won’t regret your decision!

Overground Festival

Bâteau Genève

Overground Festival is a great electronic music festival on Bâteau Genève (Quai Gustave Ador 1, at the end of the English Garden). The festival runs from August 15-25, and the restaurant Le Comptoir is providing delectable Asian Fusion food for dinner (Note: make sure you book in advance if you want to eat by calling 076.612.47.77)!

The electronic music comes from all parts of the world, so check out the program in advance to find what interests you most. The best part? Not only is the lake location great, but the Bâteau Genève Association is also helping people on the fringes of society by giving them a work opportunity to get back on track! The entrance fee is CHF 15 after 9pm.

La Terrasse du Troc

Are you looking for something a bit different? Then why not visit Parc Geinsendorf, located in Servette, for the most diverse program of events you’ll ever find in one place – there is literally something for everyone! Do you want to learn how to skate or play basketball? No problem! How about learning some swing dancing or Salsa? Why not! You can even catch a movie or join a debate – I told you there was something for everyone! All of this can be done on Thursday thru Sunday, starting at 6pm, until August 26. On Thursdays, the stage is open for anyone to show their talents, so my recommendation would be to check that out, or choose something else from the program that excites you! Dancing nights on Sundays are also guaranteed fun! Check it out, and let us know what you recommend!

La Terrasse du Troc

Ecoutes au Vert at Pointe de la Jonction

If, like me, you like to make the most of these summer evenings by having a quick swim, followed by a drink and some music, then I have just the recommendation for you! At the end of Sentier des Saules, where the two Geneva rivers meet (the Rhône and the Arve), there is a great place for a swim in the Rhône, either before or after enjoying some good DJs. The DJs are playing Thursday thru Sunday, from 5pm onwards, and until the end of August. Deck chairs, artistic and musical performances await you – perfect to get you in the holiday spirit!

If this location isn’t convenient for you, then their DJs also play at La Barje, and in Parc La Grange. For more details about this active association, and to learn more about the fun parties they organize, you can follow them on Facebook.

Ecoutes au Vert

Summer Plays

If you’re fluent in french, or if you want an excuse to practice your skills, then there are numerous summer theaters that are worth checking out.

Theatre de l’Orangerie, in Parc La Grange, is a great location with two plays until the end of the month:

  • ‘Le Petit Maître Corrigé,’ by Marivaux, a romantic comedy from the 18th century, is on from August 7-19.
  • If you have kids take them to see a magnificent puppet show called ‘De Quoi J’ai L’Air’. It is on every morning at 11am from August 15-26.

You can either buy your tickets by visiting Migros Location (rue du Prince 7), or by booking online, or by calling this number:  +41 (0)22.700.93.63.

There is also a very special play on Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s life until September 16. It is an outdoor show that takes you through the Botanical Gardens, and is honour of his 300th birthday this year. The walk starts from Place Albert-Thomas (opposite the WTO) at 9pm in August and at 8.30pm in September.

You can either buy your tickets by visiting Migros Location (rue du Prince 7), or by booking online, or by calling this number:  +41 (0)22.700.93.63.

Open Air Cinemas

Cinetransat comes to an end on August 19 and, if you’re like me, it will leave a hole in your evening plans! Fortunately for us, Bains des Pâquis will be showing 3 movies to ease us back into reality: Tambien la lluvia on August 21,  TGV  on August 22 at 9pm, and El Baño del Papa on August 22 at 4am, for you early-risers, or those who don’t go to bed!

In case that still isn’t enough for you, then La Terrasse du Troc is also showing some movies until August 26.


If you are worried that there is nothing left to do now that Fêtes de Genève has ended, then head to Carouge. You will find dance lessons, shows, games for kids and much more in their “Tour de Plage“ event, located near the fountains on Avenue Vibert. Events run Friday thru Sunday, until August 26.

After the Tour de Plage, Carouge will also have its annual fair (similar to the Fêtes), with live music, rides and more! This runs from August 31 until September 2.

Concerts d’été de Saint-Germain

If you have eclectic tastes in music (guilty!), and enjoy a bit of relaxing classical music in-between the electro and rock,  then head to one of the free concerts in the Saint-Germain Church in the Old Town. This is a beautiful location for listening to some classical music on Sundays and Mondays, at 6.30pm, until September 3.

Save the Date!

Dardagny, a beautiful countryside village just outside of Geneva, is organizing a historical village festival in honor of Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s 300th birthday. There will be plenty of activities for all ages, including people in costumes, puppet shows, dance performances, street artists, fencing lessons, and even more.  Everything is free, but some activities have a limited number of spaces so, to ensure you don’t miss out on your favourite events, plan ahead and make reservations.

The festival starts at 10.30am on both days, and finishes at 11pm on Saturday and 6pm on Sunday.

Dardagny is 18 kms from Geneva, but is still accessible even without a car. You can always cycle (rent a bike with Genève Roule if you don’t have a bike) or you can take public transport. (Bus NC from Cornavin train station, or a train to La Plaine and then the TPG telebus to Dardagny – you’ll have to call to make arrangements for the telebus: 0800.858.800)

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