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It’s always nice when boxes arrive on the doorstep. This one was nicely packed with the Wiine Me logo and contained 3 bottles of wine.

wineboxWiine me is a new concept in Switzerland. This is a wine club where you pay a monthly subscription either for a box of 2 wines (39 CHF a month) or 3 wines (59 CHF a month). Their website is nicely presented and easy to use. You can take the subscription for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months, a little like a gym subscription…

The wine is chosen by their Sommeliers and this gives the customer the opportunity to “Discover different wines”.

I like the concept and the opportunity to discover new wines. However, I was a little sceptical as I am very particular about my wine and everyone has very different tastes. I enjoy and drink a lot of wine but prefer full bodied wines, particularly French red wines from the Bordeaux region. I would have liked the opportunity to input data into the site about my tastes and also perhaps my diet so they could choose wines based on the dishes I usually eat. What I also would like is to have an option for quality wine to be served in half bottles so I could enjoy the wine on a more regular basis without drinking a bottle of wine per night.

When I opened the box there were 3 nicely packed bottles of Swiss wine with neutral branded labels from regions around Geneva;

– Gamay; Cotes de l’Orbe 2011

– Chasselas; La Cote 2012

– Sauvignon Blanc; Geneve 2012

winebottlephotoLiking full bodied wines, I was not sure I would like either the Gamay or the Chasselas so I began with the Sauvignon Blanc. With the wines, there are tasting notes in English and French, a full description and a suggestion of food to accompany. Details of the vineyard and grapes are also provided. The notes include details of the look and colour of the wine, the smell and the taste, the time they are best kept and the temperature best served. All the wines were fairly young.

The Sauvignon Blanc was good. Light and Smooth, it was very enjoyable with my oven baked Salmon and vegetable dinner.

On to the Chasselas. I have tried various Swiss Chasselas but they are often not to my taste – they are full, dry and fruity wines, often best enjoyed with a Fondue or Raclette. The Chasselas grape is grown in over 4000 hectares in Switzerland. This one was definitely one of the better ones I have tried.

As I prefer full bodied wines, I steer clear of Gamay, finding them light and acidic. Again, this was one of the better bottles I have had.

All in all, they weren’t wines I would personally have chosen (apart from the Sauvignon Blanc), but I did enjoy them.

Wiine me is a nice way to discover new wines and get out of your usual habits. The wines are well packaged, nicely presented and well chosen. Its also nice to have these delivered on a monthly basis. They offer wine courses, online information and tastings from time to time in Geneva. We look forward to the next one…

Its a formula that you have to try then make up your own mind. A subscription would perhaps make a nice Christmas gift?

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Originally from the UK, I have a legal background. I have been in the Geneva area since 2005 and love the mountains, the lake and the quality of life here. The Winter snow sports are fantastic and the Summer season is full of festivals, outdoor sports, picnics and barbecues. I have met some great people here from all of the world. Geneva is a cosmopolitan city with lots of cultural events and good restaurants and bars and I hope that through Biskotti I can share a few hidden places I have discovered…